12 gauge gelatin penetration

What if you have something an intruder s wants or believes they need to survive? But, there's just something about 34 or 41 pellets flying downrange with each pull of the trigger. The penetration differences of. The "ammo drawer" has a bewildering variety of ammo from sporting clays, small and big game loads, waterfowl, turkey, etc. While recognizing your "jaded" contempt for Vietnam veterans and LE types, I hope you won't find it an imposition if I ask if you have any field-related information regarding 4 buckshot?
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Can birdshot ever be used in a home defense shotgun?

I'm not quite sure what or why you're getting caught up in difference s. For you Law types to answer and I would like to see answers given from the various parts of the country covering various jurisdictions. Your theory doesn't square with reality, which is the proper test of theory. If you'd known this then you'd see how foolish this whole track of discussion is with your "first hand" street comments. While bird huntin' with 20ga. The problem is exactly the same; we shoot folks to stop them from doing whatever it is that is causing the threat.
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Quantitative Ammunition Selection - Common Questions

The pellets are too light to penetrate deeply enough to incapacitate a human attacker. Wound ballistics research is an established science made possible in part because of the standardized use of ballistics gelatin. The deviated trajectory of hollow point handgun projectiles was also greater than the deviation found with full metal jacketed handgun bullets; again, possibly due to contact point deformation. Frangibles are designed to break up against solid backstops during training. Do you eat ordinance gelatin? There was essentially no difference in the weight of either version of the 4 buck pellets. So its safe thru older double bird guns, or tight choked ones too.
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This is a load I often use while hunting ruffed grouse in the thick brush of northern New England. If you live in a cold cold place, there could be some risk involved if someone is breaking in wearing a heavy coat or thick leather jacket. What was valuable to me was his perspective on his experience through time with different loads as they evolved, and what happens when you buy one load thinking it's something else. This does not preclude taking shots out to yards or further but the terminal effectiveness of these projectiles is greatly reduced much beyond these distances. Some of the hardened buckshot will penetrate at least 12 inches deep and some will not. Although birdshot can destroy a great volume of tissue at close range, the permanent crush cavity is usually less than 6 inches deep, and this is not deep enough to reliably include the heart or great blood vessels of the abdomen. I shot it at various distances back to 75 yards and it performed predictably.
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