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They'd formed a hip hop posse, done a film about the area. Stockhausen's Licht Opera Most Bonkers. In first life, not in second life. Dodgem Logic has a massive circulation. With our issue five of Dodgem Logic we had this brilliant piece that Mitch Jenkins - who I worked on Unearthing with - suggested we do. I came to New York to start gypsy punk revolt Now that it's rockin' so why don't I just go home? You're never going to get people saying 'Let's go to Northampton and see the marvel of the Express Lift Tower or the backwards bus station.

Gogol Bordello

"Think Locally, Fuck Globally" Lyrics

If you're thinking that all of this has a vague whiff of Class War about it, then you wouldn't be completely wrong but you certainly won't be reading about "hospitalized coppers" in DL. There is that assumption that anybody featured is one of the great and good and is worthy of having their image on the cover of this prestigious magazine. With my own expulsion from the grammar school there wasn't any chance of me getting any further education because the headmaster had taken a dislike to me and had written to all the other schools saying 'He's a drug dealer, don't take him. In fact if you want to read stories about corruption or, let's say shady dealings, going on in local government you have to look for something as centralized and, relatively special interest, as Private Eye 's Rotten Boroughs column. Message successfully sent. I got an incredible education from when I was thrown out of school.

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Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! I was one of the people who felt kind of stranded in Northampton. I can see where they're coming from. Nowhere is this more clear than in his local underground magazine Dodgem Logic which was born out of a frustration with the way that his neighbours were being treated and a wish to give them a voice. What I tend to think is that the internet is fine for everyone else in the world.
But I think it's the best way to be and I do think we can educate ourselves if we've got the material there, if we've got a library card or these days if we've got an internet connection. Please whitelist our site in order to continue to access The Quietus. Which is a great incentive. It's more than I can control. Something that wasn't emitting light into their eyes.
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