We at TRAILHEADGEARARCHERY.INFO having large collection of different type of archery which you can use at sport as well as use as weapin.

TRAILHEADGEARARCHERY  would suggest a recurse bow for an under 18 year old person.  These are very intuitive, in that the more you draw back, the faster the arrow, in an even and predictable way.  Compounds are counter intuitive.  Not natural.

Start with the recurve:

Standard target bows end up between 48 and 54 pounds, but that’s not a good place to start if the shooter is a beginner.  We’d suggest to start with less draw weight in inexpensive bows.  Maybe one from a big box sports store made of fiberglass at around 20 to 25 pounds.  Maybe twenty thirty bucks, too.  Very affordable.

Plan on upgrading in like six months to 30, then 40 six months later.  You give or sell the older bow to a younger archer.  Finally the person will be able to handle and enjoy the bow used for the rest of one’s life.  This might be a nice wooden/fiberglass combination recurve that may cost a couple hundred.

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